Viema Emmanuel-Perez


Viema Emmanuel-Perez is a Nigerian American therapist, life coach and public speaker. Her name is the combination of her parents' names, Victoria/Emmanuel.  Her life experience, education and work history have afforded her opportunities to pour into the lives of others from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds but her heart is for teens and young women.

In 2006, Viema completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Southwestern A/G University and has been pursuing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.

She has over ten years as a licensed professional counselor for the state of Texas helping emotionally distressed individuals. Within areas of: mood and thinking disorders, chemical dependency, self esteem issues, grief and psychological testing and evaluation. 

Viema is a life-giver. Her vibrant personality and spirited passion for others is used at her home church ministering in several roles as a host, leader, and Christian education teacher. She has a dedication to educate on the affects of mental health on the physical body.

Viema aspires to see others achieve their life purpose by working through pessimistic thoughts, overcoming negative life experiences and emotions, resulting in personal freedom and promotion of self growth.

Viema resides in the DFW area and is newly married to and shares life with, "senor", Abraham Perez. She and Abraham have their YouTube Channel, "That Perez Life."