Jessica Chinyelu

@jessicachinyelu @womanofpurposenetwork

Jessica Chinyelu is a Nigerian-American, empowerment speaker, TV Host, entrepreneur, and Founder of Woman of Purpose. Through her non-profit organization, Woman of Purpose, Jessica provides online and in-person coaching, mentorship placement, annual conferences and community for women looking to pursue and achieve their God given passions and dreams. From a struggling drug addict who was sexually molested at a young age living a fast-paced promiscuous lifestyle to a successful entrepreneur, Jessica's courage, faith and determination has inspired followers worldwide and helped countless audiences become awakened to their dreams and walking in freedom.

As Founder and CEO of Woman of Purpose, Jessica developed the annual Woman of Purpose Conference and programs that have transformed the lives of women and altered the path of mind renewal.Her programs started in her home with just 8 women and since inception the Woman of Purpose ministry has more than multiplied. Known for her sincere and relatable spirit, Jessica has reached more than 100,000 women through social media platforms and the highly anticipated annual conference.    

Jessica is also a YouTube Host of her hit show, “DIALOGUE!” Jessica continues her journey with her following providing a clear and practical blue print for living a purposeful life, drawn directly from the life experiences and Godly encounters of the beloved host and featured guests. 

Jessica’s extraordinary story of God transforming her life from an abused, promiscuous, struggling addict to leading a powerful women’s ministry is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to live the dreams inspired by God, it just begins with walking in freedom. 

Jessica has been featured on many blogs and podcasts. She also provides many resources on relationships and prayer on her own website www.iamwomanofpurpose.com and www.jessicachinyelu.com