Woman of purpose conference 2017 recap


Every event you attend is awesome, but not every event will ignite or reignite the fire in you to give birth to your God given dreams. Women who attended the Woman of Purpose Conference came expectant because to attend this conference means you're ambitious, passionate, and you have a desire to unlock the power and purpose within you. The women who attended made an investment in themselves to become a REINVENTED WOMAN by the end of the conference. It was so amazing to see fear destroyed, confidence restored and dreams truly coming to life. 

The Woman of Purpose Conference is designed to empower, equip and lead women to pursue their God given passions and dreams. We gather entrepreneurial and business minded women, provide them with resources, connect them with mentors and create an atmosphere for women to thrive.


Major Key to attending the Woman of Purpose Conference 2017: Keep an open heart and an open mind, be present, and be expectant.

Jessica Chinyelu, Founder of WOP kicked off the conference by stating, "September 22nd marks a new season! This season is Fall and it represents harvest. Everything you ladies have worked so hard for the past few seasons; this is your time to gather your crops and reap everything you've sown."
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What women experienced at the Woman of Purpose Conference

This two day life changing event was the 3rd Annual conference for Woman of Purpose. Women traveled from all over the world to attend and it was definitely full of successful, business-saavy Jesus lovers. Whether you were looking to develop a closer relationship with God, discover your calling, learn how to profit from your gifts, get relationship advice or the do's and don'ts in networking; there's no way you could walk away from this conference the same way you came. 

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Day 1 

Women poured out their hearts as Jonathan Traylor and One1Way band led us into worship the first night. Then we heard a powerful testimony from Obia Ewah, Founder & CEO of Obia Naturals. Her story was so touching! She shared how sickness, failure and closed doors can actually lead to greatness. 

"Something that could be the end for you, can be turned around to your true purpose. It's okay to release but don't lose faith. God knows your purpose before you do." -Obia Ewah

The Thing About Relationships Panel 

Panels are always fun and great way to learn from speakers with diverse viewpoints. Viema Perez served as the moderator for the panel and it featured Rachel L. Proctor, Dr. Margaret Ellis, Lizzy O. (The DIY Lady), and Jokotade. There were so many questions asked and the women on the panel gave loads of wisdom. You can get exclusive access to watch the panel HERE.  


And the first night of the conference ended with Jokotade inviting women to receive their NEW NAME. The message she delivered was transformative! She gave three key points to help every woman become REINVENTED: 

  1. You MUST understand human limitations. In other words, trust in no one but GOD. 
  2. You MUST get quiet and remove yourself from all the noise
  3. Make the LORD your #1 priority

Now this is just a small taste of what Jokotade taught us, but it was one mind blowing presentation.  


Day 2 

And if you thought Day 1 was great, Day 2 got even better with worship taken to another level. Courtney Sanders, Founder of Think & Grow Chick then completely shifted the minds of every woman in the room. It's rare to find successful business women who teach on how to profit from your passion based on kingdom principles. A few things we learned from Courtney's session: 

If youwant to profit from your gifts you need to: 

  1. Master your Mission (Matthew 5:16) 
  2. Master your Mindset
  3. Master your Business Methods 

Courtney left us wanting more and more and even more........

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The Owning Your Influence sessions & panel

..... And the fun continued with powerful Ted Talk style sessions from Jackie Nwobu, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, Stacy Ike, host of OWN Tonight, and Yvonne Orji (known as Molly on the hit show Insecure). Here's a snippet of what each influencer had to say about owning your influence.

"You don't think about what's not there because we are conditioned to be okay with what exists." - Jackie Nwobu
"Don't disrespect your gift." - Stacy Ike
"If you're the only Jesus that some people would ever see is God in trouble?" -Yvonne Orji
"Integrity and character takes you far more places than your talent does." -Yvonne Orji
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Throughout the conference, storytelling seemed to be a major part of the conference. Queen Smith captured the audience's attention by encouraging us not to be afraid of changing our narratives. And we can't forget about Dominique BroadwayFounder of Finances De•mys•ti•fied who taught us about the importance of understanding our finances and the beginning stages of investing money. 


The Business Panel  

Nkem Okafor, Jennifer Onwumere, Obia Ewah, and Chioma Nwogu Johnson dropped nuggets of diamonds during the business panel curated by Amanda BellThe MAJOR KEY we learned during this panel was how you should never be afraid to share your resources. Sharing only brings more blessings your way. And if you're afraid someone may steal your ideas, keep this thought in mind; if God has given you a vision to carry, no one else will carry as great as you.

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Stacey Flowers, blew us away with her session, God Wants You to Be Happy. How do you get to a place of true HAPPINESS?? Well according to Stacey, TRUSTING God through your season of rest. Many women don't know when or how to rest. There is fear in taking time to just pause from everything. We learned through Stacey's testimony that not taking moments to rest can lead to a downward spiral of anxiety and depression. This session was one of the most talked about sessions of the conference. You can watch the LIVE recording HERE


And last but definitely not least Jada Edwards reminded us that we must hate sin. It was a tough message to chew, but it was much needed especially because we live in a world that tries to give half truth when it comes to God's word. 

"If you want to be changed you can't just hunger for what is right you have to hate what is wrong." - Jada Edwards

Jessica closed out the conference with gifts from one of the sponsors, SaRatta Reeves of Expressions Bracelets, and a special message from one of the Woman of Purpose Board of Directors, Nkem Okafor. Plus a special prayer to send the women off on their new journey as Reinvented women. But the fun definitely still continued.........

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The VIP Dinner 

The #WOPConference17 ended with an incredible, exclusive evening with the speakers of the conference. Jessica invited all VIP attendees to sit and dine at her special table with her favorite influencers and let's just say it was a night to remember. You can check out the photos below and REGISTER for the Woman of Purpose Conference 2018

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What did women have to say about the Woman of Purpose Conference 2017?

"I loved the Conference. God’s hand was truly on every piece of the conference. Hearing the speakers share their personal testimonies both the good and the bad was so encouraging! I loved how everyone was so personable. I literally broke down during praise and worship and a few of the speeches. Learning to reinvent yourself and create a new name without forgetting who we were and the things God has brought us through was right on time. I had been experiencing some pretty low times and God knew I needed this conference more than I knew myself. So grateful for Women of Purpose for being open and willing to follow their calling."
-Desiree Lindsey
"The experience I had at your conference was unlike any other. Myself and my small group attended and I knew several women who attended as well as volunteered. The stories that were shared resonated so deeply and encouraged me beyond words. I worshiped like I had never worshiped before, cried so hard that my head hurt and made plans for myself personally, spiritually and professionally. I have NEVER attended a conference so filled with Black Girl Magic. So many successful black women together in one place, celebrating each other, gleaning from each other and pouring into each other. My life was truly changed in those two days. I can't say enough good things about it."
-Jessica Ayers
"The amazing women from the greeters to the speakers was like nothing I have experienced after living in Dallas for 9 years. My soul is now connected to my spirit, God-given abilities, confidence and belief in myself." 
-Ronnie Issa


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